Dear, reader.

I am happy to inform that you have entered a very sacred place of mine. As a writer and gatherer, I can assure you there is a reason you stepped foot upon my sacred ground. This is the start to a new beginning for you and I. After this becomes the journey through discovery in your relationships, life obstacles, and even yourself.

Here is a short guideline of what to expect on a weekly basis:

How To

So, let me go further in depth of what you will expect on our special days…

  • How to” days. Pretty self-explanatory. My “How to” lessons are based upon what I teach. For an example, how to speak in front of a crowd or how to move on from a terrible break up. Soon we can evolve ourselves into a better version of us with guidance and people that do believe we can do it!


  • Questions. Since this is an introduction, this lifestyle blog of mine has recently been developed. I don’t expect much response from readers. So to start off, I will be asking myself questions. Eventually, I will respond to your questions and needs. I hope to be hearing from you at any moment. Please, don’t hesitate in communicating with me. I am here to help.


  • Storytelling. In order for you to get to know me and maybe even feel a connection, sharing something personal could potentially benefit with your discoveries. Hearing my experiences and reflect upon myself could even help, both, you and I in the long run.


When you read my blog, I really hope it inspires you to take on challenges you wouldn’t normally cross. I can say from my experience, it took me a long time to figure out what I need and what I want in life. So in order for me to better understand, I got over the hump of procrastination and just started reading and researching. Eventually found what I love to love and love to do. I simply became the better version of me. And I hope you find that through here.

Just a Little Tenderness” is a guidance. I discovered all in life that I desire is to help others. If there is something I could change in one’s life to better his or her spirit in an uplifting way, I will.

So, if you feel at a lost or an interest in learning more, please step foot into this warm sanctuary. I’m sure you will find some thing that catches your eye.

I hope to be hearing from you soon, reader.

Love, J. Blu