I know sometimes it can be hard to “feel good“. Whether it’s internally or in your mind; feeling good is always a must.

Some people who have been through hard times don’t discover ways to become a better person internally and externally. But it is important in order for you to move on and not hold back such regrets and grudges. Doing so can cause a mental blockage where you could never truly discover the best you; a “feel good” you.

So ask yourself, do you feel good doing what you are currently doing in your life?

Step 1: Acceptance

Always accept yourself and the people around you. The environment and the things that are given to you. The more someone puts down his or her own body weight, for instance, the more they will feel insecure and ashamed of his or her self.

Accept you cannot change the way other people think or do things. If you feel the need to help, generous subtle notions could be mentioned. Like, “Hey, I noticed the garbage needs to be taken out a lot, would you like a hand with it every so often?” Kind of oblivious to the fact it bothers you. But taken in a kindly manner can benefit for both parties.

Step 2: Eat Well

Always eat well. I’ve noticed when I was transitioning to vegan, my body had to get used to not eating all the crummy foods I enjoyed. You don’t have to become vegan, but eating meals that are freshly cooked, and getting your protein, iron, magnesium, etc. are beneficial in “feeling good“. I remember after eating vegan for so long, I decided to eat a taco from Taco Bell. I then felt horrible; bloated, full, and sickening.

Tip: It only takes 3 days to fully adapt to a certain eating lifestyle.

Step 3: Wear Whatever Want

Don’t ever feel pressure to be something you’re not. As you grow up, you are trying to find where you fit in, what fits you most, and what you feel confident in. And that’s key. When you feel confident in yourself, you have the confidence in trying new things, become more honest and open, being truthful to yourself, and enjoying life as it comes. It’s so important to feel as if you are yourself. And clothing does matter to your needs.

If you are still having difficulties in feeling good, try looking into your personal life and what needs changing to better it.

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