When I was 11 years old, I was in a car crash. My family and I were on our way back home from a camping trip. My dad was driving his jeep while my mom was driving our van. I was in the car with my mom along with my younger sister, who was two years old at the time. Halfway there, we decided to stop in front of Chuckie Cheese to eat some food. We had sloppy joes.

While my mom and dad went inside to use the bathroom, my older sister (15 years old) watched my little sister, little brother (3 years old), and me. We also had our dog, Sox.

My older sister said to me, “Hey, we should move Sox into mom’s car cause that would be funny if we switched him into the other car.”

I laughed and we moved Sox into our van. When our parents came back, it was time to get back onto the road. My mom got cheesecakes from Jack in The Box along the way. And I sat in the front seat. I didn’t have my seatbelt on.

On the drive I was feeding my mom cheesecake while she drove. She still states to this day she was handing my little sister something, so she was reaching her arm back when it all happened.

I remember my mom swerving to the left and hitting the middle of the freeway. I slid to the bottom of the floor under the dashboard.

My dog who was in the back slid all the way to the front, hitting his spine again the stereo cause it to snap in half. He was in so much pain, he started chewing my ankle.

I couldn’t feel the pain in my ankle. But when I saw my dog suffering, I started to feel his pain.

I remember I had a milkshake in the cupholder, which was now all over my legs.

I looked up at the road and saw a man in a red car. He pulled over and called 911. The police and firefighters came. One of them picked me up and wrapped my ankle in bandages.

Another firefighter took Sox to the Vet.

My mom and my little sister only got burns on their necks from the seatbelts.

I overheard one of the firefighters saying if I had my seatbelt on, my chance of living would be less because of the impact an airbag had on someone my age.

A tow truck service allowed us to be picked up from the nearest gas station. So, we arrived there, and waited for my dad.

I took my little sister into the bathroom so I could clean all the milkshake off of my legs. I held my sister and said, “It’s going to be okay. Sox will be alright, okay?”

That’s all I was concerned about since we were all okay. I was tramatized seeing the airbag hit my mother, hearing my two year old sister screaming, and seeing my dog break his spine and had to chew on my ankle because of all the pain.

A lady then walked into the bathroom. (I thought I locked it.) “I’m just cleaning up,” I said.

And she walked out.

After my dad picked us up, we drove to the nearest Vet where our dog was. I saw him on the metal table wimpering. The lady who was taking care of him told us he will not be able to make it. So, we each said our goodbyes, and sat outside.

It was quiet.

We drove back home and I laid on the couch. My older brother stayed home during the camping trip. So, we had to tell him what happened on our way back.

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