What triggers my anger?

Now, if you knew me personally, I don’t get angry. I don’t enjoy getting angry and want no part of it! But that is how some people deal with things in their life. Some people say it is important to get angry at some point. Because it is a feeling same as crying or laughing. But it doesn’t have to be. Sure I could get frustrated or irritated, but I’ve come across a lot of anger in my life and that’s a part where I’d like to stay away from.

Nobody is born angry, it’s a feeling that is developed over time. So don’t let anger be your name.

Anger: an extreme feeling of displeasure.

Anger is the whole grenade. When you get angry, you’ve come across: frustration, irritability, dislike, annoyance, etc. So it’s not one piece of the cake, it’s the whole cake– each piece is all the terms that come before it.

So if you feel at least one of those listed above, refrain from lashing out and getting angry.

How I deal with problematic situations, I realize why it is making me feel a certain way. Why am I getting so irritated over this? It’s likely someone triggered that feeling. It’s automatic. But when you start getting down to the nitty gritty, you eventually start seeing a pattern. The times when you feel frustrated or irritable.

It might come in handy writing down the moments of when it happens if you’re concerned about it.

So, that’s basically how I deal with dislike. I have been angry in my life in the past, but it just made me mad (drove myself bananas). So far, there is only one person that can trigger my anger like I’ve never experienced before. Now I am finding ways to cope with that and if it were to happen again, what would be a more logical way of dealing with it?

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