It was the end of high school. I was best friends with this one girl who was named after a state. I was happy whenever I would be around her. And same went for her. We had each other’s back no matter how many friends we had in separate corners. We would walk in and out of town. Act silly in front of everyone and anyone because we just didn’t care. We were best friends for 7 years. Up until going into college, she randomly dropped from my life. I would walk to and back from school and think I should probably call her at some point. And when I did, I found out she’s been pretty busy without me and with someone else.

Let’s call this someone else, Lollipop. When I first heard about Lollipop, I thought she was cool. I mean, from what I was hearing. But felt an odd overwhelming feeling when I would think of who she is.

So when I finally saw my best friend, I got to sleepover a couple nights because she said she was finally free (free from Lollipop). So I just enjoyed it like old times. Something I noticed while staying with her, my best friend would talk a lot about Lollipop. What they would do together and how much fun they have. I felt isolated and abandoned. I felt as if someone that was a part of me was taken away.

So, overall I mean it was like nothing changed between us but that part. So the last night of the sleepover, we heard a knock on her bedroom window. We got a little scared, but I got nervous. She opened the blinds and popped up Lollipop. My heart drowned black, and just wanted to leave as soon as I could. She ended up coming in and the first thing she said was, “I came back a day early cause I wanted to surprise you.”

After we said ‘hi’ to each other, All of a sudden they started speaking Spanish in front of me and I don’t speak anything but English. (Now I really feel isolated.) I just ended up calling for a ride and leaving. Ever since that happened, I felt as if I lost my best friend. And the sad part is, she still to this day didn’t know how I felt.

If I were to assess myself at that moment, yeah sure, I could have talked to her about it. But at that point I felt as if what I wanted was pointless to mention because in reality, I wanted it to go back to the way it was before Lollipop was involved. And with her around, it would’ve been really tough for me to stand.

Funny thing, they’re not friends anymore. I guess my friend said Lollipop always tried to create drama, so I guess my gut with her was right. But in the end, sad to think someone that once was my best friend– I cannot feel the same way after that incident. Everything after that, I was alone for a long time. But in a way, grateful because it made an impact on my independency and emotional issues.

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