How to lose weight?

Now, I’m no professional nutritionist, but I can share my experiences and research with you.

I am constantly having trouble with my weight. I will admit, even now. Sometimes I fall back because I just see the food around and choose the very unhealthy ones. But there is a couple ways I lost weight that one could maintain if chosen to.

Way 1: The Military Diet

If you are familiar to this diet and haven’t tried it, it’s worth a shot. The military diet is a diet that was created for people in the military to shed pounds. I tried it one time, and it was easy for me. But that is because I gained self-control when eating and plus, the food is not too bad. Very basic food items, but I know some people may not like tuna or bananas. But it is worth a shot if you want to take off some extra fat. And I did not work out during the diet only because I wanted to see how many pounds I could lose without working out. I will note, exercising while doing this diet could really change the look of your body.

Way 2: Snack throughout the day

So, I would have to say snacking is my go-to when I want to regulate my weight or lose weight, depending on my choices. This is the easiest way for me do it. I work in a busy environment 5 days out of the week and always have snacks available, so it kind of is in my best interest. But snacking isn’t for everyone. I know a lot of people skip breakfast (Even myself sometimes) so I find it easiest when I do skip, grab a snack and some water as soon as you get hungry. After snacking throughout the day, I eat dinner, but keep it small. Also choose wisely what you eat. And ALWAYS eat when your hungry. Just watch your portion sizes. What is considered a snack and what doesn’t.

Way 3: Go Vegan

I used to eat vegan a lot of the time. And then it turned into a strict diet, but one day I was craving a Chipotle burrito, so I went for it. Therefore, I understand it is difficult to cut out a lot of those naughty foods. But being vegan a couple times throughout the years taught me some ways to continue the upkeep. I started keeping a board on Pinterest of all these neat vegan recipes as ideas to try. What I find the hardest to be vegan isn’t what I choose to stay away from, it’s having the necessary foods available that’s hard. So what I learned to do is, go grocery shopping after work once a week or once every two weeks, depending if I would like to buy meals for just one week or meals for two. Then, I would cook a couple times throughout those weeks. A meal for the next two days or just for tomorrow; just cooked whenever I felt like. And if I felt really lazy, I would keep vegan snack around (Yummy Veggie Straws)– fruits and veggies to nibble on here and there as well. Currently, I changed my diet to where I only substitute processed foods with vegan (For instance, mayonnaise). I know there is a lot of stereotypical nonsense about vegans, but you can do a lot as a vegan. And a whole lot of good to your body.

Way 4: Fasting

So I have a coworker who is from Pakistan. She celebrates Ramadan. And Ramadan passed just a couple months ago, so during that time, she started fasting for her religion. I was quite interested in the process and wanted to feel more of a spiritual connection with my body, so I got on board and fasted with her. We fasted for about a month. After talking it over with her, she told me I should try fasting while drinking water, because for Ramadan, she does not. And during this process, the only time we could eat is after sundown and before sunrise. Basically when we sleep. So in my case, after work I usually eat dinner and then go to bed. During Ramadan, I would eat after the sun went down and wake up at my normal time and not eat for the rest of the day. Now you don’t have to fast accordingly to Ramadan, but if you could create your own method. Maybe fast by eating only dinner. Or fast by only drinking smoothies throughout the day. Or nothing at all for a 2-3 days span. All up to you. It’s a great way for your body to basically reset and cleanse your insides.


Tips I always consider when I eat…

  1. Portion food
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. NO SODA
  4. Eat when you’re hungry
  6. One cookie is okay, two or more is too much (Goes for all sweets)
  7. If you feel bloated, that is okay, it means your body is adjusting
  8. Fiber, fiber, fiber
  9. Don’t spend your money on junk food
  10. Eat slowly

There are a lot of methods you can try. But it always comes down to the basic, eat healthy and exercise. Or if you watched MadTV when it used to air, “Eat less. Move more.

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