What is my sexual orientation?

There are so many terms for a person’s sexual orientation. In a world way beyond fluidity, we used to just have: straight. Then “gay” and “bisexual” became known, but always generally taboo. We are now lucky to live in a world where all of the terms combined are easier to accept. Even though we still suffer from judgment. Just at a lesser cost.

Here is a link to an article about sexual orientations.


The article is very useful when it comes to all terms current.

In my opinion, I always believed we each have a spectrum; a percentile of what we like between male, female, and/or other gender identifications. For instance, a female to date males one after the other, but would pursue a woman whenever the chance to. She might spectrum herself, male: 78% and female: 22%. Even if your male friend says he’s completely straight and only gets turned on by a woman, maybe his spectrum consists of, female: 100% and male: 0%. Not everyone is same-sex orientated or identifies genders as just female or male, but everyone has a percentage. In a world like this, it’s hard to believe we all belong to one category (straight, gay, bisexual).

Funny I say this because I am indeed gay (lesbian). I don’t identify myself as “lesbian“, I don’t identify myself as “queer“. I just enjoy saying “gay“. I’m gay. But I’ve always thought my percentage was, female: 99% and male: 1%. Only because I’ve continued flirting with males and can physically be attracted to them, but know my happiness lies with a female. Until my last sexual encounter with a male changed my whole spectrum. Therefore I am now, female: 100% and male: 0%. Personally, I just enjoyed the attention from males, and that’s not healthy for me and definitely not respectful towards any male.

So, there you have it. That is my sexual orientation. If you are having trouble with your own orientation, research the spectrum. And read about gender identification terms. There are different terms for everyone.


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