“My first time“… What does that entail?

Sex. Because that is always what we think when someone says that phrase. And it is about sex.

So, this is my first time having sex.

Now, I will inform you ahead of time that I am indeed a lesbian (I do despise that word). But, I would rather sexualize myself as “gay” or simply “the girl that’s interested in other girls“. So fair warning, if you think my first time is between me and a boy, my first sexual experience was with a woman. And yes, sex can happen between two women, as well as two men.

Let’s continue…

I was 21 (yes, late bloomer), and just started coming out to the people around me. I started coming out to my friends and a few family members– including the two other lesbians I live with. So, around Fall season, my other gay friend ended up turning 21 as well. So, to celebrate, the two lesbians I live with took me and my gay friend out to a gay bar in town. My friend and I instantly fell in love (not with each other, the bar). It was secluded, it was small, and felt like a community. So, we ended up going again two days later, and then… a Friday night. A Friday night was poppin’ at the bar. Loaded with gay men and women. Including the woman I had my first time with. Let’s call her… the Lady in Red.

The Lady in Red was the most beautiful woman I have ever crossed. Her face felt as if it didn’t belong into the real world. She was like a celebrity to me. Not glitz or glamour, but soft and distinctive.

Skip forward, we spent a lot of time together and apart. There were some moments where we were so close to going further, but it was never the right timing; one night I road with some friends to the bar, so I didn’t get to go home with her, and I was on my period another night she decided to jump me. Continuing, about two and a half months of meeting, she invites me over.

She lived alone with a cat, and slept on a pull-out IKEA couch when she had a perfectly good bed to sleep in. but I guess she felt more comfortable in the open space rather than a closed one. I never minded what we did together because it was just nice to feel the presence of her.

After a day of chatting, we got ready to lay down. I put my arm around her as she was finishing the latest episode of Dateline (one of her favorite shows). As the credits started to rolled, she shut the television off. I suddenly felt lust in the air.

She placed her hand upon my arm and started caressing it. I became anxious.

Within three seconds of her caressing my arm, I turned around facing her and planted my lips against her lips. As our lips became in sync, I lifted one of my legs, bringing it on the other side of her body. Our whole bodies became in sync.

She lifted my shirt up. I took it off.

She then traced her fingers down my grey sweatpants, no undies.

I gradually raised her white tank closer towards her chest, eventually leaving her lips so she could take it off.

After a part of our bodies revealed to each other, she laid me on my back. Kindly, she whispered, “May I,” signalling if it were okay to slide my bottoms off.

I said, “Yes.”

I think you can say what happens next…

Let’s just end it with her response…

“I never came like that in my whole life.”

The end.

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