What is your goal in life?

People have goals. No matter big or small. People have plenty of goals. It's all about how to get there and successfully accomplish each one accordingly.

I have daily goals, yearly goals, and lifetime goals.

My daily goals consist of, "Don't get mad at anyone today!" Or, "Remember to brush your teeth in the morning and at night." Very repetitive of me, but that's sort of what daily goals consist. Sometimes it's just reminding yourself in doing something you've been prolonging. Like filling out applications for apartments and/or setting an appointment for a pap smear. It's repetitive thinking, just up to you when you want to successfully complete these goals.

My yearly goals are key to my well-being. Mainly revolve around the security of my financial doings: landing a place of my own, looking into my career, and staying healthy. I've been putting applications out to different apartment locations, so hopefully I successfully land one in a year. I absolutely love my job, but I do want to go further into it by creating my own business. And staying healthy– always a must. Just need to practice setting boundaries with certain foods, and to exercise as much as I can. I enjoy cooking and substituting some processed food with vegan (I can explain later down the road), which is a great alternative.

Now comes the greatest goal in my life…

What is my goal in life?

When I think of "goal" rather than "goals", I think of the greater picture. I believe we are all here for a reason. Each of us have a goal at hand to successfully find ourselves. And it's up to us to complete it or not in our lifetime. My creator has guided me to find mine. And now it is up to me for pursuing it or not.

Your goal isn't all from your creator, but with you at hand as well. You must of found your own goal years and years ago when you were just a fetus in a womb or graduating preschool. Your creator comes later in your life with guidance when you really need it. Just so happens, he or she came to me when I was at my worst in late 2016. He or she has helped me in the long run, into finding myself, guiding me into happiness, and acceptance.

I know what I want to have my goal be. That is what I knew when I came into this world. I knew what I wished I could become and receive. Your creator's goal, on the other hand, is the opposite. He or she guides you into what you can bring and give. Your needs.

"We have a goal that we want, but our creator has a goal that we need."

I'll tell you what I want…

I want to have a companion. I want to have that companion love me as much as I love them. I want us to travel and explore together. I want comfort.

What I need…

I need self-love. I need confidence. I need emotional intelligence. I need success within myself.

Understanding both your needs and wants can help you. Otherwise, it can cause a lot of confusion and misunderstanding with not only others but yourself. And when you cause a misunderstanding with yourself– it's more damaging than with any other person. It can cause an oblivion.

Can what you want ever become what you need? Or vice versa?

I say, yes.

I know some people believe needs and wants have to be segregated; they are not the same thing. But I believe they can be the same. It's just up to you on how you can achieve both sides.

I believe if you can complete your needs first, your wants can become more easier to obtain. That is why your creator has created this path for you. That is why he or she keeps consciously telling you to complete these needs, because whatever you really hardheartedly want, can come true.

It can become overwhelming to figure out your main goal in life. It's all up to you on how you achieve it.

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