In the beginning of 2015, I started talking to a girl I had met on Tinder. She looked edgy, unique, and interesting. We started off with mild conversation, then it blew up with long paragraphs and hours of connecting. Months and months of communicating, but never meeting in person.

At the time, I was going through a transition with my family. We had just been kicked out of our home in a squalor town and trying to figure out where to live. So my extended family contacted us and decided to help us out. My mother and my two younger siblings stayed in a house full of ten cousins, my sister and her boyfriend found a place to rent, and I moved in with two of my extended lesbian cousins who are in their 50’s. So, after I got settled into my new “home” I had told my friend, I would like to finally meet this girl that I am talking to.

I finally met her at a little crepe place in the city, along with my friend being there. I was timid and barely spoke. I mean when she first arrived there, I was using the bathroom, so she ended up meeting my friend before me. But it was calm, and weird because it was my first encounter with a female I was interested in. So the day went on and my friend couldn’t stop asking her all these deep personal questions. Things no one should ask on a first meet up, but it was kind of amusing.

After we ate, we walked around for a bit and chatted. My friend was trying to pull us closer so I could hold her hand, but I just couldn’t do it. I was drawing a blank and I didn’t know how to initiate things. It was just totally out of my comfort zone. Eventually, we landed at her car and my friend said her goodbye and walked away. So, I gave the girl a big hug and said goodbye. As I reached my friend, she was disappointed that I didn’t do anything romantic. Which I didn’t see a problem in it because it was our first time meeting. But I still felt new to all of this.

And that was my first encounter with a female…

Tinder girl.

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