Where is your sanctuary?

Sanctuary: a “safe” place.

Everyone needs his or her own sanctuary; a place to run to when feelings cloud one’s brain or just to relax when the world around is too chaotic.

Mine so happens to be my car. I drive a 2007 Nissan Sentra, and the story behind my car is very sentimental. This car was passed down to me after my grandma passed away. It used to be her car. I would never let go of this car, even if it breaks down on me one day. This is something I will keep forever because I choose not to part from it.

I love driving my car around when I just need to think. I enjoy exploring with her, because in a way, I feel as if my grandma is right there beside me. I’ve been through so much with the lad (my car). She’s witnessed my nights heading to the bar with expectations in my hand, driving through Oregon and Washington in hopes of self-discovery, and she was even there when I hit rock bottom– mourning over a terrible break up. I never cried and damaged myself like that in my entire life.

We’ve been through a lot together. And that’s what creates our bond.

Where ever your sanctuary is, you’ve had moments with the environment. For instance, if your sanctuary is your bedroom, he has witnessed you cry. He has witnessed your laughs, and he is there when you need him the most. Recognize these patterns with your surroundings to identify which is actually your “safe” place.

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